Simply Red


1996 recopilatorio GREATEST HITS
2000 recopilatorio IT'S ONLY LOVE
2008 recopilatorio 25 GREATEST HITS

Compositor música y letra * Carolyn Franklin, Sonny Saunders


Video perteneciente al especial "Quincy Jones & Friends - 50 yrs in Music" en Montreux 1996



Gotta find me an angel
To fly away with me
Gotta find me an angel
Who will set me free
My heart is without a home
I don't want to be alone
Gotta find me an angel
In my life

Too long have I loved
So unattached within
So much that I've known
That I need somebody so
Still I'll just go on
Hoping that I'll find me someone

Gotta find me an angel in my life

I know there must be someone, someone for me
I've lived too long without the love of someone
And there's no misery, like the misery I feel in me

Gotta find me an angel in my life
She'll be there, now don't you worry
Keep looking now just keep looking